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The number of children diagnosed with acid reflux is large and growing. A study by Mattson Jack epidemiology group estimates that 7 million children in the US have GERD.

REFLUX.ORG is the largest and oldest web site dedicated to helping parents with acid reflux in their children:

  • REFLUX.ORG has active messages boards with over 61,000 postings
  • More than 800 other sites link to REFLUX.ORG
  • The site takes 2.3 million hits per month
  • Current page views are running about 1.7 million per month (Spring 2008)
  • Our traffic was up 850% last year
  • We serve over 200,000 ads per month
  • The PAGER web site is frequently mentioned in newspaper and magazine articles
  • Our community of parents and volunteers is THE source of product information
  • PAGER members are eager to learn about products and tricks to keep their children more comfortable or make life just a little easier for the family
  • Professionals turn to our site for disease and product information - no need to keep reflux literature in a file
  • REFLUX.ORG is the #1 Google hit for "reflux"

Other advantages to advertizers:
  • Our software allows us to report the number of times your ad was viewed and the number of times it was clicked
  • Our rates have not changed since we first started taking ads in 2001
  • PAGER has eliminated dues for membership - the newsletter is now free, sent by e-mail and can contain interactive ads or coupons.
  • REFLUX.ORG has downloadable PDF files for professionals to give to parents - consider sponsoring a flyer
  • REFLUX.ORG software gives us the ability to post coupons for products
  • We can restrict your ads to certain sections or pages of the site if your regulations require this

Who should consider advertizing
  • positioning products - slings, swings, wedges, carriers, seats, specialized carseats and carbeds
  • products for fussy babies
  • colic products
  • baby monitors
  • cleaning and laundry products
  • books on baby care, fussy eating, nutrition
  • devices of interest to professionals - pH probes, impedence monitors, EGG,
  • breastpumps and products that promote breastfeeding
  • OTC and GRAS medications
  • pharmaceuticals as permitted by the FDA - a click-through view of package insert can be arranged
  • baby formulas
  • rocking chairs, gliders, recliners
  • white noise makers
  • bibs, swaddling blankets, drool cloths, spit rags

To inquire about placing your ad, send an e-mail to Beth Anderson at gergroup at to discuss ad rates and opportunites.

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