PAGER Association Policy Statements. 3/22/2004
PAGER Association does not advocate for availability of specific brands. We advocate for the availability of all products so that doctors have the freedom to choose the best treatment plan for a given child. GERD in children is NOT homogeneous as it is in adults. It has many causes and many appropriate treatments

Restricting Insurance Coverage for Children with GERD

PAGER members report frequent problems with access to the treatments their children need. This can take the form of insurance denial of medical formulas, restricted access to the most appropriate medications, requirement of unnecessary testing, lack of dental care, restricted access to the most experienced specialists, etc.

The following information is provided to assist insurance providers in making appropriate decisions regarding access to treatment for children with GER.

Policy Statements Attached:


Medical Formulas



Dental Issues


Referrals to specialists

Access to case coordination

Coverage of positioning equipment

Respite Care

Feeding programs

Policy Statement insurance denials v6.pdf

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