Thickening formula and breastmilk as a treatment for gastroesophageal reflux

The FDA has received information indicating that Simply Thick may cause life-threatening illness in infants. Read More.

This is a 16 page booklet that has everything you need to know about thickening. Produced by Beth Pulsifer-Anderson, Sorley Bouton and Jennifer Rackley, RD.

  • Pages 2-4 are about thickening techniques
  • Pages 5-10 have ingredient labels of thickening products and cereals
  • Pages 11-16 have information about nipples for thickened liquids

We are looking for a graphic designer to make it prettier.

This version is in a PDF format. You can use the zoom at the top of your screen but the pictures lose clarity as you enlarge them.
Thickening Consumer v6.pdf

This version lets you view the Publisher version even if you don't own Publisher. You can even enlarge the ingredient labels enough to read them if you have a decent computer monitor. Click the rectangle next to the word BOX to get a larger image. Hit the ESCAPE button to get back out of the huge screen.

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