We have talked to several parents who had success with Traditional Chinese Medicine but none of them have written up their stories. Meanwhile, here is a story from an adult.

I had very bad reflux that caused heartburn, and took prescription acid reducers on a daily basis for over 4 years. Many Medical Doctors were consulted during my battle with this condition, and I finally found one that cured me. I now require no drugs or special diet. All previous doctors told me that my stomach just produced too much acid, and the only possible cure would require surgery.

Five months ago I turned to alternative medicine out of desperation. I made an appointment with a nearby acupuncturist who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This acupuncturist informed me during my first visit that this condition is “very easy to treat with TCM”. She prescribed acupuncture and a relatively short list of foods for me to avoid during treatment. I was able to totally stop taking my medication after only 5 treatments. Through the course of 10 treatments and a low fat diet for eight weeks, I have seen total recovery.

This is absolutely amazing to me. The list of things I tried during the prior four years is too long to list, so I’ll just leave it at this: TCM is definitely worth a try. It required no surgery, it didn’t hurt (much), and it was very effective.

I truly hope that this bit of information can help other people find relief without surgery, and be freed from daily medication.

Brett Running
Vancouver, WA
Adult with GERD

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