This quiz was used as a funny tool to get attention from doctors at a pediatric conference. The purpose was to demonstrate how support groups provide info that is different from medical advice. We took it to a meeting where humor is appreciated. We handed out buttons to professionals for taking the quiz. It was designed to contain some info that support groups know but doctors don't have time to track

Are you a GERD Nerd?

1 Name one commercial positioning device:

2 Match the medication with the manufacturer’s flavor:

Reglan liquid
Zantac liquid
Tagamet liquid
Bethanechol compound
Prevacid suspension
Liquified lansoprazole or omeprazole
Erythromycin suspension

Peppermint schnapps
Generally mixed with cherry syrup
Baking soda

3 What are ChocoBase and CaraCream?

4 How much rice cereal is needed to thicken formula to the consistency of tomato sauce?
A. 1 teaspoon per ounce
B. 2-3 teaspoons for an 8 oz bottle
C. 1 Tablespoon per ounce
D. Depends on brand

5 Which major brand of rice cereal contains NO soy?

6 What proportions of four month old babies with “colic” really have GERD?
A. Few
B. About half
C. Most

7 Which Symptom is NOT associated with pediatric GERD?

A. Sinus infection
B. Dental erosion
C. Chronic cough
D. Asthma
E. Food refusal/aversion
F. Constant drinking
G. Texture avoidance
H. Reluctance to talk
I. Sleep deprivation
J. Bad breath
K. Voice disorders
L. Ear infections/congestion
M. Aggression
N. Clingy/whiny behavior
O. Barrett’s Esophagus
P. Allergic family history
R. Drooling/ water brash
S. Anemia
T. Headaches

8 What is the purpose of PAGER’s research to find the gene for pediatric reflux?

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