Prelief® is AkPharma’s brand name for calcium glycerophosphate (CGP), a safe, over-the-counter supplement that takes the acid out of acidic foods and beverages. Prelief was developed and is manufactured by AkPharma Inc, a small innovative New Jersey based company with many long-time employees. Some very famous consumer products have come from AkPharma’s laboratories: Lactaid®, now a registered trademark of McNeil Consumer Products Co and Beano®, now a registered trademark of GlaxoSmithKline.

Alan Kligerman, inventor, Chief Executive Officer ‘Extraordinaire’ and ‘the brains behind the business’ developed Prelief by accident while looking for a coffee creamer with a calcium boost. Many calcium products did not dissolve easily in coffee. After a year of searching, Mr. Kligerman tried calcium glycerophosphate, dissolving a fraction of a gram in a cup of coffee, for taste purposes. While taste-testing the coffee, he noticed something odd. Though he liked coffee and drank it every day, it normally left him with a burning sensation in his stomach. But with the specially treated coffee, there was no such symptom. Lab tests showed that the calcium glycerophosphate had eliminated more than 90 percent of the coffee’s acid content. An unexpected find and good news for many people whose heartburn problems are often really from the foods they eat.

Prelief is available in tablets and in powder form. Tablets are taken with any food or beverage, and the powder can be added to any food or beverage before eating. Prelief can be found in the antacid aisle at all Walgreen pharmacies and many other chains nationwide; any pharmacy can special order Prelief. Prelief is also available online at and several other websites. For further information and studies visit and

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