I hope the following can help some other parents of
reflux babies. At 3 days old, my son began projectile
vomiting. At 18 months he spent a week in Atlanta's
Childrens' Hospital for malnutrition, failure to
thrive, etc. He was diagnosed by a GI doc with acid
reflux and put on Zantac, and eventually Prevacid. They
all helped some but he continued to have projectile
vomiting issues. Last December, at 3 years, he went in
for a routine MRI required to start growth hormones. We
were shocked to learn he had a brain tumor on and in
his brainstem! The surgeon said it was life-threatening
and immediate surgery was required.

He came through surgery like a champ and suffered no
bad effects from it. But amazingly, to our extreme
frustration, the vomiting got worse! After another 8
months of watching him suffer, I was desperate for
answers. After much prayer and research, I found the
answer. MSG! He has been MSG sensitive since birth!
None of his doctors even knew about the condition! They
are all amazed. He is now off ALL of his medications
(which by the way all contained MSG!)

The first day off of MSG was his last day of vomiting!
THere are some fabulous websites that helped us with
this diagnosis. They are:

Since the 1980s, MSG is in ALL packaged and cans of
food. It is labeled under various names, so you have to
go to these websites to learn the hidden names for it.
We have a normal healthy 3 year old boy for the first
time in our lives! He had all the classic symptoms of
reflux but he never had reflux-just MSG issues! Please
let other parents know about this. It may be the answer
for all of our children. Babies born since the 1980s
are the first ones to ingest this much MSG and the
first ones to have reflux issues-it is worth checking

We now eat only fresh fruit, vegetables, and we have to
buy special meat because the majority of meats in the
grocery stores are injected with a "solution." That
solution is MSG-we know-we checked it out with a major
meat manufacturer salesperson.

MSG is also in CHildrens' Tylenol, Motrin and all
flavorings that are added to childrens' medicines and

Anyway, we hope other parents will check this out for
themselves-they may save their kids a lifetime of
misery also. Andbythe way, MSG was found to cause brain
tumors in lab rats. We think there is a connection to
our son's tumor. But for now, we are celebrating being
vomit free!

son's oncologist recommended supplementing his diet
with simple milk formilas to put on weight faster. We
checked...MSG is in many, if not ALL, the baby formulas
at the grocery store! Not listed under MSG of course,
but under other names.

It was also in his Gummy vitamins. Just additional
info. Hope it helps.

Quayla Hope

Check with your
doctor first!