Who DOESN'T support PAGER?

  • PAGER does NOT qualify for financial assistance from the US Government. Generally, government grants are only available directly to researchers. Only in rare circumstances does the US government sponsor awareness activities such as SIDS prevention and anti-smoking campaigns.
  • PAGER does NOT qualify for most foundation grants. The vast majority of foundations have exclusions that don't allow them to give financial support to groups that work on one specific disease. We apply for as many grants as we can find.
  • Corporations seldom fund associations unless they are based in the same city where the corporation is based. Corporations WILL often match donations by their employees. Ask your employer.
  • Medical societies do NOT support groups like ours.

Who DOES Support PAGER? You do!
  • Much of PAGER's support comes from our members and their families. Our members often credit PAGER with saving their sanity and sometimes the lives of their children. Some families routinely donate a thousand dollars that they round up from all of their relatives.
  • PAGER receives corporate support for most of the conferences we attend and for some special projects. We occasionally receive some corporate support for our general operating expenses.
  • We have recently begun accepting advertizing. There are many products that you might like to learn about and we use that money to keep the web site running.
  • PAGER received some funding from Allegheny Singer Research Institute to help contact parents who participate in the genetic study.
  • PAGER staff have consulted with pharmaceutical companies on projects.

We would appreciate any assistance. There are thousands of parents depending on us. We don't want to let them down. All donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 52-1800883 and our Dunn and Bradstreet number is 140-449-922

The staff, the parents and, most importantly, the kids thank you for your generosity and caring. Please visit the DONATE page to learn about the many ways you can donate.
Check with your
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