My first experience with BioSet was when my chiropractor recommended I read the book "Live Free From Asthma & Allergies" by Dr. Ellen Cutler D.C. I was complaining that my then 2 1/2 year old daughter, Maddy, was diagnosed with allergies and was on Claritin daily, which only helped the symptoms occasionally. I got the book, read it and was very impressed. BioSet uses acupressure and chiropractic principles to locate and remove blockages in electromagnetic pathways that are specifically related to allergens. Basically, once your body is "cleared" of an allergen it should not react to it any longer. Non invasive, no drugs....I thought it was definitely worth a try!

Back to my chiropractor with Maddy in tow to have her "testing" done. The testing is not painful or invasive, the practitioner actually uses muscle resistance testing through me. Maddy could sit on my lap and play the whole time. We found that she was allergic to many things including, pet dander, weeds, trees, grasses, dust mites, etc. Through the advice of my practitioner, we developed a plan and timetable for clearing her for each allergen. The clearing involved Maddy holding a small tube of the allergen (we had to put it in her sock because it has to be against the skin) and the practitioner tapping her back gently. Then we had to keep the tube in for 10-15 minutes. She would come back and test her again (through me) to see if it had been effective. The stubborn allergies like dust mites, and grasses needed two treatments. Over the next few weeks, I saw a HUGE improvement in her symptoms. Runny nose, coughing, eye watering improved so I took her off the Claritin and we went back every week for a few months until all of her sensitivities were cleared. She has done FANTASTIC and I have never considered giving her any kind of allergy medicine again because she hasn't needed it! A few things have come up here and there (allergies can develop at any time) and if they do I just take her back to have her tested. Once we find the culprit we have her cleared and she doesn't have any more problems. Last Spring dandelions were making her miserable and by my observation (we have a huge field full of them behind our house) I was able to tell my practioner that I suspected that was the problem. Sure enough it was, even though she said she had only seen ONE other person allergic specifically to dandelions!

I have such confidence and experienced so much success with my daughter that I did not hesitate to have my 8 month old son, Max tested. We started around 8 weeks, when we found a casein allergy (milk protein) that I suspected. I chose not to have him treated, as I was just breastfeeding and chose to cut out all dairy. I did have him treated for gluten, though, as I couldn't possibly fathom cutting out dairy and all gluten! It made a huge difference! Looking back I probably should've just had him treated for the dairy as well, so I wouldn't have to give up my beloved cheese and milk! At about five months he seemed to have a cold that he could just not get over. The cold/allergy symptoms lasted for over two months and were making his reflux out of control. After several trips to my pediatrician, breathing treatments for wheezing, 3 different antibiotics for ear infections, etc. I took him back to be tested. Turns out he was not only allergic to the Alimentum formula I had put him on, but his Prevacid Solutabs, as well. Poor guy! The next day I returned armed with different formula samples and the OTC Prevacid capsules. We treated him for his milk allergy, discovered he'd do fine on Similac Sensitive (go figure) and that he could tolerate the Prevacid capsules just fine. That is another great thing about BioSet, you can bring in a sample of something, anything really, and they can test to see if you are allergic to it. For Maddy I actually brought in hair from our dogs! That day I switched formulas and reflux meds and within 2 days, not kidding, 2 DAYS his cold/allergy symptoms started to disappear. Within a week they were completely gone. I plan to continue to monitor him throughout the upcoming years and will have him tested/treated for anything that comes up. Our next treatment is bananas, which so far, is the only food he is showing any allergies to.

Here is a great link to Dr. Cutler's BioSet system. She also recommends using digestive enzymes, which I know some of our GERD kiddos are on, especially when DGE is involved. I also recommend her book "Live Free From Asthma & Allergies" which you can get on Amazon. Here are a couple of great sites of a practioners: and For all of our kiddos and adults that are struggling with allergies, if you can find a practioner in your area I would give it a try! I plan on sending my husband this spring when his seasonal allergies start acting up again!

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